How interact Crohn’s disease and Psyche

psyche probleme ced krankheit

Crohn’s disease is the name for a bowel disease that mainly affects the small intestine, but can also occur in other parts of the intestine.

Exact causes for the development of this disease are not known, but it is now conceivable that, among other things, your own psyche plays an important role.

It has been found that Crohn’s disease can, but does not have to, be a result of drastic experiences that put a lot of strain on the psyche. Psychological stress usually intensifies the individual symptoms and causes the disease to break out and occur faster and stronger .

Such experiences can be, for example, a separation or, in the worst case, the death of a very close person. These events must first be processed by our body, by our psyche, in order to return to everyday life. Unfortunately, this coping does not always turn out to be easy. If you do not talk about your emotions, thoughts, and worries, it may cause your body to try to balance that mental pressure and get rid of it in a different way.

However, one should not immediately worry about getting Crohn’s disease because a loved one has left us and you have to process it first! The psyche plays an important role in our life, but this is not always the only decisive factor.

If you are under heavy stress – for example, because of a job in the company – you can develop a variety of physical symptoms. These should show us: “Attention, something is not right here. The body is under stress and you have to do something about it now “. Constipation, diarrhea, stomach ache are the result . However, if one does not listen to the first signs, ignores them and continues to face the strong mental stress, the body has to seek a different way to attract attention. Basically, various illnesses are a warning call, a cry for help from one’s own body, which wants to tell you that things can not go on like this.

Another possible cause of Crohn’s disease can be other diseases that already affect your own body. These can aggravate symptoms, but they don’t have to. Taking on an important task, overwhelming or rejecting it can also have a negative impact on the psyche, which in turn can lead to physical complaints.

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